Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas! Simple Science: Programming and HCI Mission Statement

This is a post in our Simple Science Descriptions series of pieces written with the Up-Goer Five Text Editor restricting writers to the ten hundred most used words in English. It's harder than you might think! Send your entries (preferably under 350 words) to jeanyang [at] mit [dot] edu.


I looked at it as a translation problem, so I started with something I had already carefully crafted to be simple and short (but full of technical terms), the mission statement on my homepage:
I work on programming and HCI.
  • crowd computing: making people part of the programming system
  • online education: helping crowds teach each other
  • software development tools: making programming more productive for developers
  • end-user programming: making programming easier for everybody

Here's the translation into TenHundred:

I work on better ways to tell computers what to do.  Some of the things I do are:
  • making people part of the computer's brain
  • helping crowds of people learn from each other using computers
  • making it faster to tell computers what to do, for people who do it for their jobs
  • making it easier to tell computers what to do, for everyone
- Rob Miller, Professor

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